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clickfoto - photos by brigitte — Profile

Name:  Brigitte

Location:  New York, New York
Birthday:  24 May, 1957

Artist - Poet - Photographer

I received most of my training as a photographer at School of Visual Arts in New York City.

"Whether still life, portrait or fashion, I approach my subject foremost as an artist, trying to capture the essence of their unique persona. I don't believe in directing, I rather encourage my models to express their individuality, to highlight their soul, not just their appearance."

My still life's and portraits have been exhibited in various juried shows, Galleries, Art Centers and coffeehouses in Germany, New Jersey and New York City.


"You can not explain me with "isms". They are very bad for the artist" - Marc Chagall

Thus said, I struggled for hours, trying to write a conventional, "right-handed" list of things I am passionate about or have interest in.

I wrote it all down and set it aside for a few days. Dusted it off and re-read it. It said nothing about me.

Laying out my interests on paper, trying to alchemize art into language was like trying to sell perfume on television. So maybe I try a left-handed version:

I am an artist, I work from instinct. I have come to believe that craftsmanship serves an idea. Art can bring thought into the physical realm. And so, while endeavoring not to take "Art", any of the above or myself too seriously, my focus has been to transmute my inspirations into multi-dimensional forms.

I paint, using dolls as my canvas, I photograph what moves me and I create interiors of livable and usable art.

There is so much in life to be interested in and passionate about that it would take a lifetime to gather it all and write it down.

We see things but we don't really look ... Take an ordinary plastic shopping bag, it can be beautiful and graceful when picked up by the wind; dancing, twirling, high and low, deflating, sinking to the ground and then picked up again by gusts of wind; tumbling ...

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